Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chestnut Tutoring Rhinebeck / Red Hook / Kingston / Pine Plains / Germantown

Chestnut Tutoring,  Advanced Learning and Remediation

FALL-SPRING 2018-2019 Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Kingston High School, Saugerties, Lake Katrine, Pine Plains Local Academic Support (Tutoring available via Skype)

Remediation and Advanced Learning for all subjects (Grades K-12)

Tutored Subjects (by appointment only)

SAT / PSAT Math and Verbal (New Format)

Common Core Curriculum

Mathematics -Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II/Trig
Social Studies - American History, European History, Global Studies
Science -Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics
Foreign Language -German
Study Skills discussed at all tutorial sessions.


7 days per week per appointment
Saturdays are Skype Tutorials ! Call today to learn more about this effective method for tutoring at your location.

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Contact Philip Russo for appointment and further information.

13 Trow Blvd, Red Hook 12571
(845) 876-8661


SAT Prep Course begins this Spring for Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Kingston High School students.


SAT Prep Course in Kingston
SAT Prep Course in Lake Katrine
SAT Prep Course in Woodstock
SAT Prep Course in Saugerties
SAT Prep Course in Red Hook
SAT Prep Course in Rhinebeck

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